3 top tips to protect your new plants from heavy rain

mini white roses cluster with water drops after rainWith the sudden disappearance of the sun this week, we offer all gardeners these top tips to protect your new plantings from heavy rain.

  1. It may sound quite odd but using big golf umbrellas is a great way to keep your new plantings dry during times of unexpected heavy rain. Using golf umbrellas is not the most sustainable solution but it will do in a hurry. Continue reading

Choosing Patio Furniture

white chairs One of the best ways to bring style, comfort and function to your outdoor living space is with patio furniture.

At monkeypuzzle.ie we have 3 top tips to help you choose the best garden furniture for your garden.

1.    Take a walk Walk around your garden and identify areas that could be improved and enjoyed a lot more with the addition of some outdoor furniture. A quaint bistro table for two in a quiet corner of your garden may make Sunday Morning brunch in the summer months idyllic. A large solid wood family dining table may enable you and your children to dine al fresco at your leisure. Encouraging phones off and hands in to a rustic family fare! Continue reading

The Easter Bunny: A Garden Pest

easter bunny

During the Easter holidays the weather is typically fine.  Your garden has probably recovered from the harsh winter and it is looking lush and bountiful once again. Spring/Summer brings new challenges in your garden like how to control all those creatures that want to nibble your delicious fruit and veg! Continue reading

Saint Patrick’s Day Gardening

Saint Patrick’s Day is typically a time to reunite with friends and family in the name of our patron saint.
Hosting a themed garden party may be on your ideas list, or maybe you would just love to give your outdoor living space a good old spring clean. Either way the green fingered guys at monkeypuzzle.ie are at hand to help.
In this blog we highlight some of the most important tasks to carry out in the garden to make the most of the glorious mid-March weather.  Continue reading

Home Renovation Incentive

attractive senior couple overlooking potted plantsClaim €595 to €4,050 back on all home and garden improvements with thanks to the new HRI scheme!
Did you know that right now, with thanks to the Home Renovation Incentive you can have the garden of your dreams for a lot less! Continue reading

January / February in the Garden

While we have had a very mild but wet and windy  January, history suggests that a cold spell may yet manifest itself in February.  Beware of any false spring weather just yet, keep delicate plants indoors and covered.  Any  ground preparation for spring planting should only be done when weather permits.


On established lawns you can aerate and scarify in dry conditions. Perhaps apply lawn sand and treat for worms.

But wait, there’s more!

November in the Garden

Time change means time to put much of your garden to bed. Take in any delicate pot plants to protect from frost. Don’t leave pot trays under pots as your plants will sit in water for too long.

Drain and aerate established lawns. Apply an autumn fertiliser and finally take your lawn mower for its annual service.

This is a great time to plant roses, so prepare the ground. Then stand the roots of your new roses in a bucket of water for an hour before planting. Make sure your hole is large enough to allow the roots to spread. Add compost to that hole, plant the rose spreading the roots, fill in and firm the ground around the newly planted roses. Do not plant roses any deeper than the old soil mark on the stem.

Dig the beds where winter weathering is needed, tidy and cut down tall plants.  Dead tops of plants make good compost. Collect fallen leaves , these can be used as protection around the base of tender plants over winter months.

Now is the time to plant new or move old conifers or evergreens. Water new growth in dry weather. Autumn pruning of fruit trees should be done before the weather gets too cold.

This is a suitable time to plant trees and shrubs in containers.  These can be left on your patio. Tidy up and clean down your decking giving it a good scrub, Repair any damage ahead of frost.

For an early crop of Broad Beans next year sow seeds in a sheltered area. Mould up any rhubarb. Protect any winter crops with straw.
Monkeypuzzle.ie will be delighted to help with any of the above or any other garden or landscaping matters.  Please call Daragh at 012897751   

October in the Garden

Monkey Puzzle  
Hi again.
Despite the fact that we still have touches of that Indian summer with temperatures un-seasonally high it is time for Octobers Garden Tips
Showery conditions are the norm and temperatures will drop.  You may need to continue with pest control throughout the garden. A good time for digging, yes soil will benefit from winter frost by being broken down at this stage. There are still a few chores, such as clearing finished crops and plants to be finished this month. Be sure to complete those landscaping projects.
Apply sand or autumn feed and aerate lawns to maintain healthy growth.  If you have a patch that is damaged or heavily infested then repair it or lay new turf in that area. You still have time for lawn repair. Your renovated lawn will appear over the next two weeks.  
For the established lawn now is the time to cut back on mowing and only mow when the blades are 3 inches high and do not cut so low from now on. Don’t forget to trim the edges.
Plant new evergreen hedges  but complete this task sooner rather than later.
Well this is the perfect time to start your composing. Fallen leaves the last of the lawn cuttings, border debris can all be added together mixed and placed in a bin. Add large quantities slowly to the main composter and just wait for it to darken go crumbly and smell sweet and earthy next year.
Continue with pest control.  Remember to hoe the soil for aeration. Since in September you thought about the plan for late autumn planting for next year, October is the time to get out there and do it.
As for Roses October isthe time to plant herbaceous perennials.  Plant bulds between shrubs for spring flowering.  Plant Daffodils and tulips for spring and Irises for next May . Dig the ground for winter weathering and Spring planting.
Cut back Dahlias as soon as they are blackened by frost. Either winter chrysanthemums by leaving them in the ground or lift nad house them . Tidy Iris beds before winter and remove dead leaves and weeds.
Keep any grass away from the trunks of shrubs and trees. And remove any self sown trees or shrubs such as sycamore or ash. Prune shrubs that have finished flowering.  Plant deciduous trees and shrubs towards the end of October avoiding frost if there is any.
That patio needs a good clean or power-hosing  to remove moss, funghi and algae. Remove plants that are past their best and move others to a shady place. Clean out pots not required for winter and store.
You can still sow winter cabbage seeds but only in warm area and also lettuce for early winter. Try sowing lettuce under glass. Set out brussel sprouts in a nursery bed. Lift such vegetables as beetroot and marrows and store in a dry place.
If you haven’t done so yet now you should harvest fruits  such as apples, pears and plums as they ripen and store in a cool dark place. Pick late varieties of strawberries and raspberries.  Prepare ground for new trees  and plant late October. Remove dead canes of rasberries. Don’t forget to put grease bands or moth traps around fruit trees to catch winter moths.
Monkeypuzzle.ie will be delighted to help with any of the above or any other garden or landscaping matters.  Please call Daragh at 012897751