Lawn Care In Dry Weather

used farm implementsWe have been blessed with glorious warm weather lately. The garden has become the new living room. Paddling pools and BBQ’s are now common place and outdoor entertaining is a must. To ensure your lawn stays plush and green follow these top tips:


  1. Raise the length of the grass that you mow. Try not to cut your lawn too close to the base of the blades of grass as this can weaken the roots and cause dry, brown, scorched patches.
  2. Water once the soil becomes dry but before the grass colour changes from green to yellow. If the lawn area is very hard and dry you can aerate it by spiking the earth with a fork to aid water penetration.
  3. Don’t water your lawn too much as this can cause moss and algae and stagnant water pools. One good water every 10 days is typically sufficient to keep your grass green.
  4. After a lengthy dry spell assess the damage to your lawn (if any) and sprinkle some more grass seeds if needed.

If all this sounds like too much hassle you can always call a member of the MonkeyPuzzle team. We are expert gardeners that provide a friendly and reliable service to domestic homes and businesses in Ireland. We take the stress out of labour intense summer gardening, leaving you free to enjoy those warm summer days. Call now on 01 2897751 or drop us a line