Protecting your lawn from the elements this Winter

As you can see our long summer evenings have unfortunately came to an end, the short dark evenings are now upon us. So it’s getting to that time of year to protect your lawn from the wet, cold weather. If your lawn like countless others has taking a battering this summer between barbeques, children using it as their own personal playground and many other reasons. Us here at MonkeyPuzzle have taken a few tips from Alan Titchmarsh for preparing your battered lawn for winter. Titchmarsh has an easy 6 step system for preparing your lawn:

    1. Mow your lawn: mow your lawn as usual and ensure that you collect trimmings.

    2. Rake moss and weeds: if you have a small lawn you can simply use a wire-                 toothed rake to help lift out moss, weeds and creeping grasses often missed by the         mower. If however you have a large lawn you may need to buy/hire a high                       powered lawn raker.

    3. Mow again: Mow your lawn once again ensuring to collect trimmings except this             time work at right angles to your normal pattern. This helps to remove excess                 weeds or creeping grasses left behind from raking.

    4. Spike the lawn: The ground can get hard and compacted over time so it is                     important once every 3-4 years to spike the lawn for drainage so that it does not             become a breeding ground for moss. This can be done by stabbing an ordinary               garden fork approximately 8-10cm into the ground.

    5. Feed the grass: For this step it is very important to use a low nitrogen feed rather         than leftover garden fertilizer for example. The proper autumn formula lawn feed             toughens the grass for the winter.

    6. Top-dress the lawn: This works much like mulching a flowerbed, but using less             material. It’s very important to sprinkle a thin layer (5mm) of very fine material so             that you do not bury the grass, if you bury the grass you will kill it. Then, you will             need a stiff garden brush to push the material into the ground. The mixture of                 materials however varies from lawn to lawn.

If you carry out these few simple steps your lawn will stay healthy and be able to stick it out through the rough winter months. If however, you do not have the time or materials to carry out these lawn care tips please don’t hesitate to contact us here at MonkeyPuzzle for a free consultation at:  +353 1 2897751