Fun crafts for you and the family

Today we’re going to take you through an extremely simple method for making Christmas wreaths which can be shared or simply used to decorate around your home this holiday season. You’ll only need a few things: wire clothes hangers, 8-10 in. branches from redwood, pine, douglas fir etc., and decorations of your choice (eg. ribbons, bows, flowers, bells), and some floral wire and a hot glue gun.

You can begin by rounding out your wire hangers, you will need 2 minimum per wreath. Once you have them rounded overlap them and tape them together so that they are secure.

Once they are secured together you can begin adding your branch cuttings. Securing them firstly with your floral wire and then if needed adding hot glue for a tighter hold. Overlay thee branches so that each branch cover the stem of the last branch and continue till the wreath has all stems covered and looks full.

When you are finished adding your branches the next step is decorating. This step is completely up to you but often ribbons, bells and snow spray are added to really add that Christmas feel to your wreath. However the choice is up to you, go wild!

We at MonkeyPuzzle hope these tips for creating Christmas wreaths this year can bring hours of fun to your family. From all of us here at MonkeyPuzzle we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas