Wintering potted plants

Wintering potted plants is by no means an easy task, you have to protect your plants from many things such as harsh wind, sunlight, snow and most importantly a rapid change in temperature. Over ground portions of plants have an ability to go ‘dorment’ or completely inactive during harsh winter months but the most important thing to protect is roots which are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Here at MonkeyPuzzle we wanted to give you a few tips for you to help protect potted plants from winter weather.

It is important that you do your best to try and help your plants to avoid a freeze and thaw cycle. This can be very detrimental to roots and hurt the plant in the long run. This can be avoided by placing the potted plants onto the soil instead of a stoned or paved surface. The problem with leaving potted plants on a stone surface is that daytime sunlight can cause the stone to heat up causing plants to get warm, the problem with this however is that a night temperatures will drop significantly exposing the roots to widely varying temperatures.

Size matters! When you are initially buying a pot to plant in or you are able to transfer a plant from one pot to another. Its better off for you to choose a bigger pot in both size and thickness as it can hold more water and there will be much more soil present in a bigger pot meaning that it will be harder for the cold to reach the roots. Whereas in smaller pot the cold weather will be able to cool the pot very easily causing the roots to be damaged easier and also smaller pots will dry out faster.

Plant as early as possible. Planting earlier can allow the plants roots to mature meaning that they will stand a better chance of lasting through the winter months.

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