Maintaining your decking during the winter months

As autumn has closed in on us and those happy sunny summer days have gone by that deck that you enjoyed so much will need a bit of TLC to prepare it for the winter months. There a few simple steps to help seal and protect your decking for the snow, ice and rain.

Firstly, it’s very important that you remove all the dirt and grime from your decking. During the summer the sunshine can take its toll on the wood, discolouring it to an unhealthy greyish colour. Here at MonkeyPuzzle we advise that you use a bleach free cleaner to get rid of this dull grey colour, there are plenty of bleach free products on the market right now that will do this. Once again before commencing your cleaning remove any loose debris from your decking. Apply your chosen cleaning solution scrubbing your decking with a broom. When you have finished this step it is essential that you completely rinse all cleaning solution from the wood.

When you have finished thoroughly cleaning your decking the next step is to apply a protective finish to the wood. If there is no waterproof protective seal on the wood harsh ice, rain or snow can cause the wood to crack split or warp. There are a wide variety of waterproof deck finishes out there currently with all different finishes and stains. However, if you like the natural colour currently on your decking then there are many companies which produce clear coat waterproof finishes which provide the same protection just without the colouration.

The process of cleaning your deck can be a very time consuming one but it’s very important that your investment lasts as long as possible into the future. If you feel that this is something that you could not manage to do or simply just don’t have the time don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff here at MonkeyPuzzle+353 1 2897751