Indoor plants for this Christmas

We at MonkeyPuzzle have gathered a few indoor winter plants that will bring a fresh look to your home this holiday season. They flower around the Christmas/ New Year’s period and can bring a lovely bright look ad great fragrance to your home.

Poinsettia: Often seen as the common Christmas plant with red flowers. They are the epitome of the Christmas period and you can find them in most supermarkets and gardening centres at this time of year. They are great to bring a bright Christmassy red colour to your home and are not hard to maintain as long as they are watered sufficiently and are not exposed to extreme hot or cold breezes (eg. Radiators, Open doors) ideally 15 degrees Celsius.

Cyclamen persicum: Don’t be put off by the difficult name they are fairly easily tended for. They are easily cared for if you leave them in an unheated room with no draughts. They have beautiful white and purple flowers that are a pleasant change to the red and green of the generic Christmas plants.

Paperwhite narcissi: Although it’s a small bit too late to plant these now in time for Christmas day it may still be worth your while to try for the New Year. Paperwhite narcissi have lovely white petals and would bring a great fragrance to your home for the dull winter months of December and January. One problem people tend to have with them however is that they may become a small bit floppy but this can be solved by adding a 5% solution of alcohol and water just after sprouting it will stunt their growth somewhat but they will flower and won’t flop. Just a little fact if you didn’t know already “Narcissus” was a figure in Greek mythology whom fell in love with his own image which gives you a bit of perspective about how beautiful these plants are!

We hope that these plants can bring some life to your home during the dull winter months and will give you as little hassle as possible. And from all of us here at MonkeyPuzzle we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!