3 Top Tips for a Healthy Summer Garden!

Asleep in shedWith temperatures set to rise this July, we give you 3 top tips to keeping your garden plush and blooming.

Keep Pots Cool

Terracotta/Clay pots tend to get very very warm when left in the scorching summer sun, by placing them in the cool of the shade this will bring the temperature of the soil down and cool the roots of delicate plants.

Water Plants and Lawn

Quite obvious but as most of us enjoy a cool drink on a hot day so do plants. Watering your garden early in the day can help prevent mould from growing on the soil.

Garden when it is cool

So many of us head straight to the garden when the sun comes out, and we should but not to work. In the midday heat one should not begin mending fences, mowing the lawn or cutting hedges. Working like this when the sun is strong can lead to fatigue, disorientation, dehydration and sun stroke.

If the above tips seem like too much effort in these glorious summer months, why not give us a call?

Our team of expert gardeners can have your garden transformed from a baron lifeless eyesore to a plush and bountiful outdoor living space in the time it takes for you to get that BBQ going! Call us now on 01 2897751 or drop us a line at info@monkeypuzzle.com to discuss your gardening needs.