Fun crafts for you and the family

Today we’re going to take you through an extremely simple method for making Christmas wreaths which can be shared or simply used to decorate around your home this holiday season. You’ll only need a few things: wire clothes hangers, 8-10 in. branches from redwood, pine, douglas fir etc., and decorations of your choice (eg. ribbons, bows, flowers, bells), and some floral wire and a hot glue gun. Continue reading

Indoor plants for this Christmas

We at MonkeyPuzzle have gathered a few indoor winter plants that will bring a fresh look to your home this holiday season. They flower around the Christmas/ New Year’s period and can bring a lovely bright look ad great fragrance to your home. Continue reading

Wintering potted plants

Wintering potted plants is by no means an easy task, you have to protect your plants from many things such as harsh wind, sunlight, snow and most importantly a rapid change in temperature. Over ground portions of plants have an ability to go ‘dorment’ or completely inactive during harsh winter months but the most important thing to protect is roots which are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Here at MonkeyPuzzle we wanted to give you a few tips for you to help protect potted plants from winter weather. Continue reading

Composting for beginners

As many of you know composting is a great way to create nutrient rich material to help the plants in your garden. We here at MonkeyPuzzle are here to give you a few tips to help you start your compost heap for this autumn using materials which are abundant at this time of year in your house and garden. Continue reading

Maintaining your decking during the winter months

As autumn has closed in on us and those happy sunny summer days have gone by that deck that you enjoyed so much will need a bit of TLC to prepare it for the winter months. There a few simple steps to help seal and protect your decking for the snow, ice and rain. Continue reading

Protecting your lawn from the elements this Winter

As you can see our long summer evenings have unfortunately came to an end, the short dark evenings are now upon us. So it’s getting to that time of year to protect your lawn from the wet, cold weather. If your lawn like countless others has taking a battering this summer between barbeques, children using it as their own personal playground and many other reasons. Continue reading

Power wash your way to a great summer’s day!

patio power washingEntertain your friends and family in style this summer. Give your garden a facelift with our professional power washing service.

Replacing tarnished fences and decking in time for summer can be costly. But when you choose to restore your gardens hard surfaces with we save you money. Continue reading

Summer Time In The Garden

green glass isolated on the white backgroundThe Summer Solstice happens in June (this is the longest day of the year). More daylight this month means more growth for your plants.

Here is a comprehensive list of jobs to do around the garden in June:

Take this month to clean out your greenhouse. Ensure all glass is sparkly and free from grime, this will allow that lovely sun to shine through and bring your fruit and veg to full fruition. Continue reading